Get FREE Digital Telemedicine and HIPAA consent forms. 

Online Forms Your Patients Can Complete At Home.

Use our HIPAA compliant platform to send patients digital paperwork.  

Patients receive consent forms via email and access on a personal device.

Patients complete consent forms online and submits to provider electronically

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Free digital telemedicine forms that patients can complete at home.

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What can I say except that this is an amazing benefit for our office!

Mellissa K | Practice Manager


After seeing increased usage in areas hit hardest by the virus, we are taking immediate action to ensure our product is accessible to as many providers as possible.

Until further notice we are offering free digital telemedicine and HIPAA consent forms to all healthcare providers.  

We hope this helps your practice to better serve, diagnose and treat patients.

Stay healthy, friends, and thank you for using PatientStudio.


Derek Sanborn

CEO, PatientStudio

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